Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winter Art Projects

So yesterday, I believe I mentioned that the remaining child-brat had forced us into painting birdhouses, which included choosing our said houses at Michael's and paint to the tune of $70. So one is mine, one is Stephen's and one is Bratling's. Reminding you all that we are all adults, although we do not always behave as such. But what fun would that be anyway. I already have three single birdhouses outdoors and a Purple Martin house which we failed at however the Sparrows would disagree. I also have a Bluebird house on a fence post which we are generally successful with and various tweed-like nesting roosts tied to trellis around the property and these three will be added this Spring. So I challenge you to figure out who's is who's.


mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... 70$ for birds ... who enjoy nothing more than decorating YOUR house with the one color they can pull off.

Callie said...

Of course, my husband loves his birds. In England, which is where he's from, they have tiny Robins and nothing with the color we have here, so he has zillions of bird feeders all over the deck and names all of the wild birds that show up here. The Cardinals are Mr.& Mrs.Special. The Bluejays are the The Angry's. Just an example. Last year, end of summer, we sat out on the deck and there were at least a half dozen Hummingbirds zinging around us and the feeders. We have Baltimore Orioles, Bluebirds, Buntings, various types of colored finches, Barn Swallows who dive bomb us. Mr.Special will sit on my "red" Dodge truck and beat the crap out of the side view mirrors and crap all over it. I love my truck. And recently a Sharp Shinned Hawk sitting near the feeders pretenting to sleep as there are a steady supply of Sparrows and Juncos for his dinner. Oh and not to mentioned the winged mammals which on occasion, manage to get in the house which why ther is a large fishing net at the ready. Gosh, I hate bats! And our are "Big Brown Bats". Nothing small about those, they are named properly.


I'd say YOUR house is the barn, bratling in the middle, and hubby on the right?

Oh, come on! Just tell already...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Callie said...

Linda, you are spot on. I guess we're all pretty easy to figure out. Although, Bratling has now completely repainted hers.

The People History said...

hhhmmm so you can appreciate the true artist in me by my superior and modern artistic impression of what a birdhouse should look like then braincheese , it gets even better if callie will share my wonderful, fantastic highly original pumpkin carving ,