Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Little Stiffer

As I've had a busy week and finally managed to completely clean the house, including clearing my Husband's office which was a tip! There were piles of books on the floor and it has been driving me crazy for some time now, so it took me hours, but it looks so much nicer now and cleaner. Book are now all in the shelf where they belong. Can actually see the pictures of the kids now, whereas before all you could see was dust! Now if we can just keep it clean while I'm at work the next two days. It's always a big job, house cleaning after we've had the kids here as I tend to let things go. We believe it is more important to do fun things instead of house clean when they are all here. So today a day of rest after I go to the feed store for grain for the horses and goats.



A rest is good for the soul, too...lounge away. Sounds like you deserve it!

Linda D. in Seattle

Joan said...

House cleaning???? You are supposed to clean the things? But they are so big!