Thursday, January 24, 2008


When the Avonex people called to take their pole about their product, one of the questions was, "Have you experienced any depression?" I don't think so. I read alot of posts about depression and things that go along with MS treatment. I've been on my Avonex since November. I've had 5 weeks of full doses. I'm not sure I would know depression if it bit me on the nose. I can't think of a time in my life that I would say I was depressed. Oh, I've been sad at appropriate times for appropriate reasons and worried appropriately, but I don't think I've been depressed. I couldn't ask for a better kids........wonderful husband.......hopefully happy kids.......our to pay the bills........I can separate myself from my job..........Even when I divorced my daughter's father, I managed through it and thought of it as more of a relief and a new beginning for myself and Zoe, especially when I met Steve. I feel appropriately guilty over things I think I should feel guilty over, but I don't think I've been depressed ever. I think I may worry about others rather than myself. I'm quite happy with my life. I'm looking forward to a normal next week. Steve and I are planning to go to Millie's Pancake House....A special place for lunch. I look forward to more time with him as I have no overtime scheduled next week. Yippy! I don't even hate winter. Don't care much for the subzero weather, but I can cope....I don't know?



Hi Callie, I've lurked alittle but haven't commented before so please pardon the intrusion.

"I've been sad at appropriate times for appropriate reasons and worried appropriately, but I don't think I've been depressed."

You've answered your own question very clearly here. Early signs of depression for me include inability to make a decision (esp. the tiniest ones), grumpiness and irritability, desire to withdraw from those around me and be left alone, being tearful for very little reason, feeling overall flat emotionally, and having little desire to get going with the day. These are not all symptoms, but are early warning signs because full-fledged depression gets much worse (at least in my experience.) Hope this helps.

Brass and Ivory


I think you'd know it if you've ever been depressed...and given your outlook on life that shines through your writing, I doubt depression spends much time on your doorstep!

Linda D. in Seattle

Callie said...

Thanks for intruding, Lisa, your very welcome.

BC, thanks, I needed that! because somethimes this holy brain confuses me.