Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Annual Pipe Burst!

On top of my Avonex hangover, Steve and I woke at 3 am to a burst water pipe in spite of our efforts to prevent it. And flooding of the first floor which is like a basement. Not quite as bad as last year, but what the hell. I did not remind the plumbing company that today was a Holiday. They seemed to be open this morning. So maybe this year, we won't get the weekend call out fee as normally it's a Sunday night when this happens. Of course every towel in the house is currently in use soaking up the flood. I'm supposed to do my mandatory overtime tonight and now that's it's warmed ever so slightly...........there will be six inches of fresh hell to drive in. When it rains it pours!!!!!!!!!!!!



When my pipes burst, it's usually contained to just my, ah...pants! So sorry to hear this has become an ANNUAL event for you...that sucks!

Linda D. in Seattle

Callie said...

LOL......unfortunately I also on occasion have that very same issue.

Sharon said...

I was thinking about you yesterday while watching the Packers play. This weather is just nuts!Sorry about the pipes.