Monday, January 28, 2008

Aren't They Gorgeous?

I just had to post my girls. I took these pics this afternoon. I just had to share these gorgeous girls!


Sharon said...

They are both beautiful. What are their names? My brother used to have a couple horses. Getting out early today, we're going to get hit with some bad weather later, how bout you?

Callie said...

Thanks Sharon, the first one is Kola, she's a spotted saddle horse and the red head is Misty, she's a Morgan/Quarter horse cross. Well, my husband and I had our Doc appointments and labs today and since it was still warm, when we got home I topped off the water for the goats and horses and shoveled four large wheel barrows full of horse crap out of their barn and spread it on the neighbor's field. Now I'll stay in because it's supposed to get windy and frigid cold with 3 inches of snow tonight.