Saturday, January 5, 2008

Third Full Avonex Dose

I think this morning was my third full dose of Avonex. I think I've been tolerating things quite well. As usual, I worked my 12 hour night shift and at about 6 am, I ask a co-worker to stab me with it. I leave work at about 7:45 am and get home at about 8:30 am. Mill about the house for at least an hour, take four Ibuprofen 800mg and off to sleep. I sleep until about 2pm, wake up a bit shaky and pretty damp as I'm sure I have fever and chills during my sleep, but not enough to wake me. Today I gave myself about an hour to wake up and I had chores that needed doing. The horses needed a clean trough and fresh water as did the goats. I have to do this at least once a week, easy enough during warm months. A little bit more complicated in the winter months. So I put on my barn clothes and off I went. It was in the mid 30's today. I first fed horses out in middle of turn out on the snow as the barn needed cleaning. I amaze myself sometimes. I cleaned and filled troughs, which includes rewinding hose and disconnection from outdoor spigot as if I do not do this, it will freeze. I shoveled the entire barn shelter (about the size of two large box stalls) 16 foot x 8 foot in size. I keep up with the crap pretty regularly, but it doesn't take much with two 1100 pound creatures crapping daily. Filled an extra large two wheeled wheelbarrow full of crap, heavy crap and hauled on flat tires across through the wet melting snow to the neighbor's field to dump and took the time to play with the goats who are so fat it's not funny. Alot of work I needed to accomplish today and managed to do it inspite of Avonex and MS. I must be lucky. Sure I'm tired and spasmy now but I still got things done. Tomorrow finally a clean house. I grew up with a very tough Mother. I loved and respected my Mother, but she was one tough Lady. A very involved and well respected lady who beat the odds of alot of things, but she never let us children feel sorry for ourselves. Her words were, " Pull your head out of your *ss, stand up and march on!" We don't cry much on my side of the family, my brother and I who are left, even my daughter and his sons. Even things that make me profoundly sad, there may be a few tears and guilt, whatever may go along with it for the situation. And then they are quickly clamped off and a new sense of forwardness has taken over. No time to dwell on things that cannot be changed. I appreciate that from her and sometimes I curse her for it as I think it often makes me appear cold and unfeeling which is not true at all. Just tough I guess. That's a good thing, I think.



Simmer DOWN now, Helga!!! Geez...if I accomplished HALF of what you do on a regular basis, I'd have the cleanest home/car/office/yard in the world. :)

(Glad the Avonex seems to be working out for you...)

Linda D. in Seattle

Callie said...

I did fail my Sunday plan to house clean, but onloy because Steve and I executed one of his ideas for a website. Of course I've put it on blogspot, but is darned hilarious. It is

Garranteed a laugh, so yesterday was spent finding content and LMAO at it.

Sharon said...

My energy is getting better but you put me to shame with all that yo do. If I could do half of that I would be happy. I'm sure it is a great feeling to get it done and have that energy. Enjoy it. I love the pictures of your place and the animals, makes me smile.

Callie said...

Thanks, BC and Sharon, It comes in spurts. I really think the saving grace is that I was lucky enough to cut down to a .6 which is the regular 24 hours a week in work and every Fri and Sat. Today, house cleaned and tomorrow maybe a walk down at the conservancy with the puppies. I look forward to spring and getting back on my horses.

mdmhvonpa said...

"I ask a co-worker to stab me"

odd, i usually ask my co-workers to 'shoot me'!