Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The start of 18 inches of snow, starting yesterday at about 3pm and ending today at about 6pm. Woo Hoo! More snow! When I really want to start seeing green.

Well, I have my appointment with the neurologist next month. And as I suspected, I have to go back to the lab and have a liver panel drawn from my most easily found and giving veins, NOT. Which pisses me off, because with the last draw, I made a point about making sure the livers were drawn while I was there and of course they were not.

Today, stay indoors and make a yummy chicken stew, because it's crappy and near blizzard conditions outside. Do some laundry and Diane, yes, I will tidy up that desk area, LOL, because it is in need of that.


Diane J Standiford said...

Liver panel? Hmmm, I get one every year, for fun, when I had a football sized uterine tumor in 1990, the previous 3 years my liver tests were high (they accused me of drinking which I don't do at all)so they did a liver biopsy,but all well after tumor removed. I like reading blood tests.

mdmhvonpa said...

It rained here yesterday ... more mud. GHA! Give me your SNOW!

Callie said...

You don't want this snow, It's a foot and a half and wet and heavy, but not wet and heavy enough not to drift and it's hard to walk through. And I have to do chores in it. Ick! They actually closed major hyways yesterday and still today because there were so many stranded motorists.