Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Sunny Winter Day

Today is Thursday and this is the day that I must do outdoor chores or more than my normal AM and PM feeds. Today I needed to top off water troughs before I work the next two nights. I also made a new friend in the horse blogosphere that's an expert in feet, so I am a good mommy and value other's opinions, so I managed to juggle a camera, an 1100 pound horse and their feet, so I could send photos to her. My redheaded girl is stubborn and posed more of a problem, but my Kola was easy. And to keep Spot the border collie concentrating on the job at hand, which is to go potty and poo poo rather than dive into snowdrifts chasing shadows can certainly be a challenge. I'm sure my neighbors must think I'm nuts. Last night, spasms in quads were held at bay, due to new massager meant for neck wrapped around legs. Seemed to work. Hope it helps tonight. I am sure looking forward to warmer days.

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