Thursday, February 28, 2008

MS is Weird!

I do not know what the hell has gotten into me today, but I actually feel like a normal human being again. Hope it lasts. I got up early, wrote my list of shit to do and went on my merry way, Steve helped me unload garbage out of truck at the end of the driveway, I shoveled out back of truck, not completely, but enough, drove it to the station, gassed up and headed towards clinic to pay a bill and finally get my labs drawn before Tuesdays appointment with Neuro. I stopped at good ole' Walmart for some things I needed and then headed back to the feed store for 250 pound of grain for horses and goats.. Steve unloaded it from the truck, but then I ripped the 50 pound bags open and emptied them into the feed bins, we both corralled the goats back into their pen after Steve shoveled them out and now I'm fixin' to clean the water troughs outside, which requires retrieving the hose and unwinding it, just right so that there are no kinks and I think today, I'll quick bleach troughs before putting fresh in. That means finding a creative way to empty what is left in it, so the horses don't have to ice skate. Not an easy task as this a 100 gallon tank that is probably just under half full. Last time, I manged to freeze my feet off. I feel good today and I don't know why! Cripes! MS is weird! Oh and fold a basket of laundry.............


Anonymous said... sure do make a body tired just reading your list!

Tomorrow it may all catch up with you though.

Take it easier!


You're "fixin'" to do this?!? Love a good southern wording now and then in spite of the shear exhaustion just READING your post has created!

Linda D. in Seattle

Shauna said...

I would think ice skating horses would be rather entertaining to Enjoy your vim and vigor.


Callie said...

Sorry, gals, for not getting back to responding to comments, there's been quite a stir-up in the horse blogosphere, which has brought out my darker side and I needed to address it and unfortunately it took up some time. Thanks for checkin' in on me.... :)