Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My List of Annoying MS Damages

I put this pic up to go with this post as this is a very annoyed horse and I thought it would go well with this post. I'm listing all of my annoying damage done, for lack of better words. Don't know why. Just thought I would because I feel like it.
1) Even though I was only diagnosed in October or was it September, I've had a left foot drop for about two to three years. I remember thinking it odd that when I rode, my left foot would push down into the stirrup while I would ride normally with my right foot flexed upward. I thought it was just me being weird. I also noticed the lack of flexion when walking down the stairs barefoot.
2) I've struggled with a very stiff left side of my neck for about a year steady. Thought I was sleeping weird or maybe my pillows were crappy.
3) Random numbness in my left arm especially my hand. Sometimes my right hand too, but mostly my left side. Again used to think I was sleeping on it.
4) WORD fishing, really word fishing for a couple of years now. Sometimes worse than other times but usually always. My husband noticed this first. I thought I just had too much on my mind.
5) Short term memory..........I've been writing lists for a few years now as well. And asking my husband to help me write the list and remember.
6) Concentration. Not so bad at work, because what I've been doing, I've been doing so long that it comes fairly automatic, but sometimes even there I have to redirect myself and start over.
7) Generalized body stiffness. If I sit say for instance too long in a car, I become quite stiff and it's harder to get up.
8) My strength. Where I used to be able to pull my fat ass up onto a horse, I've had to use my trusty mounting bucket for at least two and a half years now.
9) One thing I forgot to add, the random little annoying muscle spasms that I get nearly every other day. Mostly in my legs but often in my hands. Have had those for a few years now, just thought I needed more calcium.
10) Cognitive ability. This one scares me and I don't know if I'm hyper aware of it or it is more of an issue, but I've pointed to the rubberband on the table, knew it was a rubber band and asked for the ashtray. Of all of them that freaks me the most.
And then those obvious three relapses that I've previously spoke of with the final one getting me diagnosed. Unless I've forgotten something, which is entirely possible, I think that basically covers it. Although my husband has mentioned various mood swings, but I think that's related to my normal PMS. So there it is in a nutshell.



Just sucks, eh? I seem to use that word synonymous with MS lately...

Linda D. in Seattle

Diane J Standiford said...

Yeah, sounds par for the course. Solumedrol? The beginning years are often full of little problems.
Your horses, what a nice life.

Callie said...

Oh, I did forget one, probably because it wasn't bothering me. Random little muscle spasms.

Callie said...

Yeah, sometimes, it really sucks, but it's just the way it is.

No solumedrol, no way.........I'm already fat enough! LOL

mdmhvonpa said...

I often say that I'm half the man I want to be and only a quarter of what I used to be.

Odd Note, the word verif for this comment is "iheal" ... I Heal ... indeed!

Callie said...

You use too many big words, LOL, I have MS damn it, It takes me awhile to get it or is it that I'm blonde! LOL