Monday, February 25, 2008

MS is a Butt Kicker!

It is just kicking my butt. My legs are like jelly and my knees were buckling earlier. I worked hard my two 12 hours nights Friday and Saturday, but I can't believe that would be it alone. I knocked myself out last night to ensure good sleep, but I still feel like crap. Geezus, I hate this shit. And to know it doesn't get better ever! Just worse. Pisses me off really. I have so much stuff to do this week. And to top it off, 8 inches of more shitty crappy snow again tonight. I need green grass and spring flowers NOW! And perhaps a new pair of legs, just for today, anyway. Like my piggy pic? That's how I feel. Except that he's cute. I took that last year at our county fair.



Oh, honey...but how do you REALLY feel?!? LOL
I just love your directness in expressing yourself, even though it comes from feeling so very awful...and I'm so sorry to read you are experiencing such CRAP right now. It DOES a shop vac...I commiserate with you. May you feel a relief of pressure under the knuckles of your MS soon!

Linda D. in Seattle

Callie said...

Thanks Linda, I too hope you are on the mend. It amazes me how a little thing to people without MS can absolutely wipe us MSers out for very long periods of time

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Callie, I was just reading through the history of your MS and thinking how I wish I had found your blogsite last year. I had been having a variety of neurological problems that looked on the surface like MS. I searched the Internet for personal accounts like yours, but for some reason could never find anything. My brain scan was relatively clean, and my neurologist left off with me in a "let's wait and see" mode. The only real diagnosis I got was chronic nerve damage in the neck, which was detected in an EMG. He wanted to do a full MRI on my spine, but by then I was tired of tests and said no thanks. I'm doing fine now with only some occasional vertigo. I can see how blogsites like this are very beneficial for those with MS. You definitely need a community so that you can know someone is in your corner, even when idiots say things like, "Well, you look fine to me." I hope you have better days ahead.