Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank-You All

Hey, I'm having a pretty great day. Feel well. Have been able to thoroughly house clean, including de-scumming my daughter's shower room and touching it up with some paint. Laundry done and put away. Just a quick tidy up of the kitchen and all is well and I believe that it has allot to do with the support I've received from all of you out there in just a 24 hour period!
Thanks, All



Hey Callie! You "rang" and it looks like several people picked up your call...I think pretty much everyone who commented on your last post is also an MS blogger, so check out their pages.

You are not alone...

Linda D. in Seattle/Braincheese

Merelyme said...

hello there....i just found your blog...i think from braincheese and i am glad i did. i just added you to my links. oh...i guess i should say...i have MS too.

The People History said...

Well I am Callies much older wrinkly husband so I thought I better put my 2 pence worth in.

It has been interesting over the last couple of years before the diagnosis

Zoe ( our youngest ) and I would be trotting along normal pace ( honest ) and Callie would be lagging behind and would need to call us back and we just used to think come on slowcoach!

We also thought the moodswings were the dreaded word ( Menopause ) and we would get glares when we suggested it to Callie.

The forgetfullness we just put down to old age forgetting Callie is just a young spring chicken

Many of the other symptons I used to put down to the long hours callie did at work ( 3 X 12 hour night shifts would mess anybody up )

Will Callies Diagnosis change our lives DAMN Right it will

Will Callies MS stop us living our lives to the full NO CHANCE we will adapt

Callie is a young, pretty, very loving, strong and artistic woman ( check out her horse blog she is good photographer )who I am lucky enough to call my wife

Love you loads darling we will be fine

PS but still no chance of me giving you the injections sorry



LOL, Steve! It's nice to meet you, too.

Hang in there...BOTH of you. Life does go on even with MS...maybe not exactly the way we all planned, but it still spins onward. Well, until we croak, that is! LOL But that happens to folks even WITHOUT MS!

Linda D. in Seattle