Thursday, October 25, 2007

Multiple Sclerosis

What a shock diagnosis at age 44. I've created this blog for those of us who now suffer with MS and our family members to connect.

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Mitch said...

iI have to tell you all my story about rebif Interferon beta 1a i did a lot of research on the drugs
befor i started taking and talked to a lot of DR. and people taking
it none of the DR. could tell me how this stuff slows ms the people i talked to all said it had bad side effects and even my own DR. told me he did not know anything about the drug but he gave it to me?ok i started to take the rebif about 30 days into it i took a shot
then just a few hours later i could not walk but i still keep taking it the next time it did me the same way could not walk dizziness and some more stuff i had to go to the ER.since then i have stoped taking it and will not none of it or anything like it again the drug is dangerous and experimental at best thee name says that interferon beta 1a. Beta means experimental it's in the name if they can't tell me how or why it works why would they give it?