Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hurry Up & Wait

Avonex. It's a once a week intramuscular shot of Interferon beta 1a which from what I hear makes you quite ill with chills and flu-like symptoms for months until your body gets used to it, if your body ever gets used to it. I'm still waiting for the drug. You just don't take the prescription to the pharmacy and pick it up. You first must sign your life away to the company that makes Avonex and your Neurologist has to fax the script to the company and they have to fax the script to your insurance company who then mails it to you with a bill, I assume. Of course I've had to be pro-active with this and call the Avonex company and the neurologist and my insurance company and I guess now I have to wait. You have MS, so deal, you're on your own. Kind of like being shoved off the plank of the pirate's ship in the middle of the ocean without the muscle strength to swim to shore. A whole lot of fun!

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Miss Mary said...

I understand how you feel and it is very frustrating. I am 32 years old and was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago. Just when I excepted the MS and the Rebif side effects. I feel ill to a very rare case of RA as well. Bounced in and out of MRI's, blood test, etc., etc not to mention sent to several other doctors for second opionions.I became a medical disaster. They can't treat the RA as they would for a"normal" rs patient because of the ms. I have been taken out of work due to a major flare of the ra at which time I underwent Chemo a they couldn't get it under control. I try real hard to stay positive, but honestly it's hard. I feel like I am at everyone's mercy but my own.