Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back To Work Today

Have to go back to work tonight and then Tuesday and Wednesday nights as well. A weekend to Kentucky to Georgetown College with our daughter to check it out and then home. I will start my two weekend shifts the next week. Every Friday and Saturday night. Still haven't received the Avonex yet. Hoping I can get started soon , so I'll know how it will affect me before starting back to work. Looking forward to that , Not. Hope it doesn't make me too ill. Not sure I can inject myself. The very thought of it. Ick. And I'm a nurse. Everyone says well you're a nurse. you should be able to do that. Well, it's quite different on someone else rather than yourself. Like self mutilation. Anybody with any helpful hints out there, I'll gladly take into consideration.


harkoo said...

Hi Callie, I read about you on Braincheese. I have had MS for 20 years--we didn't have any drugs when I was dx back then. I was started on Betaseron 8 years ago and when that was discontinued this summer, I started taking Avonex. I am smaller, so my neurologist requested a smaller needle--that helped. I was an RN years and years ago, but giving the shot was no easier. It helps to numb the area--I have been using an ice pack; I am sure the cream you mentioned would be better. The only problem I have had is nausea but that has been controlled with compazine which I take daily, so it is not a problem. But we all react differently to the meds and our MS patterns are all different too. I hope it is easy for you to handle. I think it is great you are going to keep working. I just read the letter your husband Steve wrote on a former blog. It sounds like you have the full love and support of your family, which is great. Sounds like you have carved out a lovely life for yourself. Just take it a day at a time. You will find alot of support on the MS blogs. You were smart and lucky to contact Linda at Braincheese to start with! Joyce


Hmmm...I used to sit on my toilet for darned near twenty minutes, hesitating, sweating, hesitating, palpitating BEFORE I could jam that derned Avonex needle in my thigh. Oh...and I'm a NURSE, too! LOL

It is VERY different giving yourself a shot (an IM no less) than to another person/patient. I found the only way I could do it (after my weekly 20 minutes of contemplation) was to just remember the nurse's creed and "throw it like a dart" (and I sometimes even looked away, which I don't recommend!).

Good luck...the other thing you might do is check out if a friend at work might be willing to jab you at the end of one of your shifts or something? Or, check and see if your doctor's office might be willing to have their nurse inject you once a week? I work a rotating schedule, so the same day every week never worked for me...always one or two days off.

Linda D. in Seattle

Callie said...

Ya see, I'm afraid I'll have to close my eyes, LOL, that is dumb is that?

Callie said...

Harkoo, he is a keeper, that's for sure. He takes good care of me and always has. And knowing me, he must really love, lol, but I couldn't function without him!