Monday, November 26, 2007

Upped My Dose

Well, I upped my dose of Avonex on Sunday morning to a half dose of 15mcg. Only thing I noticed is as I did get out of work a little later than usual after my friend gave it to me is that I was a bit nauseated driving home. I did wake up early and did a few chores, fed the goats and horses in the afternoon, but I really struggled with weird random spasms most of the evening. Nothing jerky or horrible just deep upper leg and foot spasms. Just enough to make you notice and say, "ahh, yeah that hurt a bit" I'm lucky, I have a very high tolerance for pain. I pride myself in that I gave natural birth to Zoe without so much as a Tylenol. No drugs what so ever. The only time I really require pain meds is when I torque my lower back or get thrown off a horse. I never had a back issue until I was rear ended in Chicago at stop light by some *ss going 55 miles per hour on a city street. I was in the back seat. Since then, about 15 years, every now and then, if I lift just wrong, I'll torque it and hobble into the Doc twisted like a pretzel. Flexerol and Vicoden work very well! It's usually the spasms that get me. It was a year and half ago last time, when I got pitched off one of my horses, about 11 foot in the air before I landed, says my husband, That hurt, and required an ambulance ride, I just couldn't move. Six hours later and boats loads of Demerol, x-rays and a CT scan, I was able to hobble out of the ER in a doubled hospital gown and cowboy boots. Made for a rather humorous picture and story. That big giant horse got sold! I get along alot better with girl horses.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are managing well on Avonex. What time of day to take it is what each person has to choose for themselves.

As for leg spasms, etc. could that be RLS - Restless Leg Syndrome? If so, Requip nips it in the bud - no bad side effects. If it happens after your next shot, it might be RLS. Ask your doc for a Rx for Requip. I've been taking it for 3 years now and it helps big time.

Take care,

Callie said...

Thanks Anne, for the advice. I usually take 10mg of valium with 800mg of Ibuprofen before bed and then I don't suffer with the spasms but I ran out of valuim. So I had no relief last night, but will talk to Doc.

mdmhvonpa said...

"Six hours later and boats loads of Demerol, x-rays and a CT scan, I was able to hobble out of the ER in a doubled hospital gown and cowboy boots."

DAMN! You make me look like a panty-waist!

Callie said...

Ok, mdmhvonpa, What I didn't tell you is that while I layed on the ground trying to decide if I should take the ambulance ride, I asked my husband to grab my smokes so I could mull it over with a cigarette. In hind sight, it is rather humorous, not at the time, especially for my family, they were scared. But now we can laugh about it, because it does paint a pretty funny picture.

Bubbie said...

I know all about having a high pain tolerance. It can be a blessing as well as a curse. My dad was the same way. I have found that with MS masking other symptoms, if I develop another problem (kidney stones, UTI, whatever) I usually don't feel it until it reaches critical mass and requires emergency treatment. So, listen to your body even closer.
Sounds like you are adjusting well to Avonex so far. The Rebiff and I still aren't getting along.

Callie said...

Yes, I think very well, although I"ve noticed the Monday after, I have an annoying headache most of the day. Not anything horrible but just enough to say I'm still here and your ibuprofen isn't working. Kind frontal "sinusy".

Jim's Political Thoughts said...

I have been taking Avonex ever since I was diagnosed with MS in April 2002. I used to do it to myself but I hated it. I am thankful that my wife does it for me every friday when I get home from work.

Have a wonderdul holiday.