Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I don't know what insurance ya' all have out there, but I have United Health and for the most part it's pretty good, but I've noticed something. Whenever anyone in this house gets a CT scan or an MRI, I receive a little something in the mail from Ingenix. It's got a case number on it and a series of seven questions asking whether this was an accident and was a police report made and do I have an attorney. So I'm guessing it's their way of looking for some one else to pay. So today I take the option of calling them rather than fill out the form and mailing it. They automatically assume I've injured my back in which I respond, "No, this was part of diagnosing MS." She replies,"So how did you get this?" I said, "If you can figure out how anyone gets Multiple Sclerosis, then you would make a million, no one knows how you get MS." She says, "Oh, Uh, well we just say you hurt your back or neck. OK, Have a nice day and thank-you." WTF! Even if it's just investigation in the medical field, you should have some kind of knowledge of it before you are hired. But of course, the 800 number was referred to overseas workers for this company who barely speak English much less understand it! If I had balls they'd be frosted! Damn that pisses me off! Anyone else have the pleasure of this experience?


The People History said...

just thought I would this

One of the companies mentioned quote

brings together the brightest clinical, technical, and business experts in health care. We employ more than 4500 professionals worldwide

HHHMMMMM Healthcare Professionals do not know what MS is

mdmhvonpa said...

MS ... sooo ... you are one of 'Jerrys Kids'?

It it were not so pathetic, it would be funny.

Callie said...

Ha! LOL, It did piss me off. I think I was fuming for a full 24 hours!