Sunday, December 30, 2007

MS or Avonex?

Geese, When I get home in the morning after working a 12 hour night shift, I cannot get my *ss out of the car. I seem to be good as long as I keep moving but the ride home takes about 45 minutes and I swear I need a crane to pull me out. I just don't have the strength. Some days are better than others, but I have to say this morning was a rough one. I can't pin it down, MS or 2 hours into my weekly Avonex dose. I must sleep through fever and chills because I wake up soaked. It's still worth it in my head as it really only seems to be one day of misery. I'm always at my worst on Sunday morning and that is shot day. One of our care partners is in nursing school and today she'll start her first day as a nurse intern, which gives them more responsibility and nursing duties. A nurse intern is in their last semester of nursing school, so I talked her through her first ever IM this morning. On me! It was cute. Every time I said, "Ok, go!" She'd try and squeal and not do it. Ended up being a 15 minute project by the time she finally hit me with it. I had to giggle. A bit torturous for me as I'd rather get it over with, but I love to teach, especially what I know, so I thought it was a good opportunity for her. She did a fine job. Better to give your first IM on my fat *ss arm than some really skin and bones elderly person that no longer has muscle and when you give it you hit the bone. Oh what an awful experience that is. That was my first IM. Our teacher hauled us off to a nursing home to give weekly vitamin shots and those poor old folks. Now giving an IM to someone who no longer has muscle so to speak is an art. This is why I'm in pediatric critical care.

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