Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Neurology Appointment

This is my Neurologist, Dr.Prince..........He is also a horseman........Yipee! Stephen and I went to see him this morning for one of my follow-up appointments. I think he thinks we are both nuts.........Had him laughing today as well, probably because we yak as a couple and it more than likely takes every bit of concentration on his behalf to understand us as I crack jokes about my recent cognitive fauxpas at work and how I blame it on holey brain and my darling Stephen discussing treatments in England for migraine relief. Poor guy, I printed out my list of current damages and asked him to pop in chart and I think he was impressed that I had blog, of course, I said there's an unfortunate wealth of experience out there. Not that the info is unfortunate, but that there are so many of us out there who have this. My liver, still ok. One enzyme up a squeegee, but nothing to be concerned about. And will get labs again in July. Fingers crossed that liver holds up. Found out that one of the Neurosurgery Residents that I used to wake at 3am for such and such patient was now in his office. Told him to say Hi from crazy Callie, PICU night nurse, that used to give him a hard time. Neurosurgs always hate to rotate through Pediatric ICU's ........Hate us, actually. Afraid of kids, I think. Gave me a script for a new antispasmodic to give a try. Good! Can't wait to give it a try. I told him good days and bad. He asked about my riding, I said balance and damned foot, but not givin' it up. Even if I fall off. Thank God for forgiving and understanding mares. Told him the cognitive freaks me the most and I'm used to tipping over. And I asked just exactly which variation of this MS I have, which is what I guessed , Relapsing Remitting. Isn't that how it usually starts. Then Steve and I went to Denny's for breakfast and just giggled about the visit. I'm sure we are different as I bring my Hubs with who is eccentric as it stands and what doesn't work in my brain, works in his and vise verse. And we discussed it. The thing is it is what it is and there's no point in griping about the damage already done or the future. I figure it's best to keep fingers crossed that current treatment continues to work without killing my liver and I go forth and learn to live with it. He's a good Doc and I like him. He actually remembered me and Steve. How possibly could anyone forget! We tend to leave them laughing.



Sounds like you had a great visit. Hearing you talk about riding makes me wish I were close by and could go out with you. I haven't ridden in so many years but always enjoyed it.


Sounds like a most excellent appointment and day!


Linda D. in Seattle

Callie said...

He's a good Doc and now that he gets my sense of humor.......He didn't really get it the first appointment when he told me I had MS. After all, I wasn't suprised. I figured as much. Had already hit the internet and that's where I had placed my bets and I prefer that to metastatic lesions, so I cracked a few jokes about Steve having to eventually wipe my ass and running him over with a power chair. I know, Not "PC", but in my mind humorous. I think I took him by suprise with my attitude and not a breakdown in the office. I'm not sure how people normally react to the news, but.......

Shauna said...

You and Steve sound like my kind of people. Oh, to have a horse.....I keep meaning to go to the nearest stables and go for a ride. Will do as soon as the trails dry up enough.

Callie said...

I love my horses, I have balance issues most times which makes for difficult riding, but two very forgiving mares.....lucky.....I'm dealing with the frozen north tundra now...cant wait for spring!

Sharon said...

It is great that you found a doc you like. So many talk about how they aren't comfortable with their docs. I love mine. He makes me laugh and vice versa. I'm sure your horses are great therapy for you. When my brother had his property & horses I was trying to talk him into making it a therapy place. Oh well. Take care of you. Laughter is such a great medicine



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Bubbie said...

You and hubby sound like a cute couple with great attitudes.
I have heard that there are places that do physical therapy for people with MS on horses to help with balance issues and leg strength.

squiffy said...


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